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Say Hello to Copilot: Microsoft's AI Assistant for Business Apps - AI Tool Tracker
MIcrosoft AI Copilot

Say Hello to Copilot: Microsoft’s AI Assistant for Business Apps

So Microsoft Is Not Holding Back

Microsoft recently announced the introduction of the next wave of AI product updates across its business apps portfolio as part of its ongoing commitment to AI and automation. Power Platform, Microsoft’s set of low-code tools for building apps and workflows, and Dynamics 365, the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, will also benefit from these changes.

Power Platform and Dynamics 365 will substantially change due to Microsoft’s new AI product enhancements for business apps. Due to the updates, businesses can automate tedious procedures, optimize customer service operations, and produce personalized content. Among the upgrades are Copilot in Dynamics 365, conversation boosters and the GPT model in Power Virtual Agents, and Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central. These functionalities were available for preview beginning March 6 and included in existing Dynamics 365 licenses at no additional cost.

Dynamics 365 Copilot

One of Microsoft’s upgrades is the introduction of Copilot in Dynamics 365, a technology that tries to automate some of the more repetitive sales and customer service duties. At runtime, Copilot uses big language models to access information from customers’ CRM, ERP, and other enterprise data sources. Copilot can help write email responses to clients and provide an email summary of a Teams meeting in Outlook in Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales. In Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Copilot may draft “contextual answers” to client inquiries via chat or email and provide an “interactive chat experience” for customer support agents that draws from knowledge sources and case history.

Discussion Starters and the GPT model

Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft’s chatbot builder, now includes “conversation boosters,” which allow businesses to connect a bot to resources such as a website or knowledge base and use that info to react to topics the bot hasn’t been trained on. This new functionality supports Microsoft’s new “GPT” paradigm in AI Builder, which allows businesses to integrate text-generation capabilities into their Power Automate and Power Apps solutions. A marketing manager, for example, could use the GPT model to generate tailored content ideas by entering specified keywords or subjects. These features will allow marketers to provide more tailored content to customers while streamlining content creation.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Copilot

Copilot intends to simplify the creation of e-commerce product listings in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Copilot can create product features such as color, material, and size, as well as descriptions that may be customized by changing things like tone of voice, format, and length. This functionality is similar to Shopify’s recently announced AI-generated product descriptions tool. Copilot will save businesses time by automating the time-consuming tasks of developing e-commerce product listings.

Summing up

Finally, Microsoft’s latest AI product improvements for business apps will assist in automating repetitive operations, increasing productivity, and enabling transformative results for customers. The term “Dynamics” refers to the process of transforming a company’s operations. These capabilities would allow firms to concentrate on more challenging activities and devote more time to developing long-term client connections. The improvements will be included at no additional cost in existing Dynamics 365 licenses and will be available for preview beginning March 6, with a wide release following later.


Say Hello to Copilot: Microsoft’s AI Assistant for Business Apps
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